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Often, when just starting out and learning how to juggle, it can seem almost impossible to keep the ball up in the air. But as you've heard numerous times before, you need to practice and practice and practice. Soon enough, things will start to click and you can build from one juggle, to two juggles, to ten, and on up to fifty touches and beyond, with the ball in the air.

The main goal is to be able to juggle back and forth from your right foot to your left. Then kick the ball higher into the air while you’re juggling, and then lower and then higher. Have fun with the ball as you grow accustomed to using all the different surfaces of your feet as well as other parts of your body to control the ball. Incorporate more parts as you improve (e.g. foot to head to thigh, back to foot to head again).

Juggling helps you get a good feel for the ball and improve your ability to strike the ball on the volley. And it will not only help you with hitting the ball on the volley, but in general, juggling helps you get more accustomed to using all the different surfaces of your feet. Juggling helps you get creative and used to using all parts of your feet when you're playing in a real game.

Here are some of our juggling superstars!                      


Stage 1 - Adidas Backpack Club 1- 300 Juggles




Stage 2 - Joma Club Jacket - 1000 Juggles

Cody - 670



Stage 3 - Joma Club Pants - 2000 Juggles

Jonny Curren 

Liam Dew


Stage 4 - Joma Club Uniform - 5000 Juggles