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Ventura County United

Daily At Home Training

Even thought we can't train at the moment, it is imperative that the players keep working. Each week we will post a workout for them to follow. Take care and be safe VCU family. 


Lay out 6 cones in a circle you will use for ladders (big enough for you body to lay down inside of.) Make sure you go both directions each time on the ladders around the circle.

Start in the middle of the circle, do 5 push ups and then run the ladders

Back to the center and do 10 jumping jacks and then run the ladders

Back to the center and do 15 mountain climbers and then run the ladders

Back to the center and do 12 jump squats and then run the ladders

Back to the center and do 8 up/down forarms to hands planks and then run the ladders

Back to the center and do 6 burpies and then run the ladders 

Make 2 small triangles using 3 cones in each 8 yards apart.

Start on the right triangle on the right cone- side shuffle to your left-sprint forward-back pedal around the triangle, then side shuffle down to the next triangle then repeat from that side.
Do 2 sets.

NOW DO WITH BALL but do bells around the right triangle and scrapes down to the left triangle and then do taps around the left triangle.
Go back to your circle now with a ball: do 8 sole bells /drag the ball out of the circle then speed dribble around the circle both directions using a different turn each time,  then return back to the center of the circle.

Do 4 scissors-repeat the dribble and  back to center
Do 4 stepovers- repeat the dribble and back to center
Do 10 juggles-repeat the dribble and back to center

Back to triangles with band
Start on the right triangle on the right cone and side shuffle around the triangle then down to the other triangle- repeat around that triangle and back down to the start. Repeat 4 times.
Start out in your triangle with a band on thighs go inside the right triangle do 6 jump squats side shuffle to the next triangle repeat 4 times or 2 times in each triangle

Stretch out.

Take breaks as needed.

Congratulations Danny! Your VCU family is extremely proud of you.

VCU Alumni Doing Great Things

At VCU our #1 priority is on quality progression and the long-term benefits of focused development of each individual athlete.

Our system provides a foundation in quality training comprised of psychological, technical, tactical skills and sports performance training. Being a competitive soccer player is challenging and we will motivate our players to be their best and provide them with all opportunities to reach their goals.

For further information about our program or any team, please contact:  Pat Curren, Director of Coaching and Player Development


It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our founder, Reggie Banks. Reggie served this community through his love and passion for soccer and children. He was a man of strong integrity with the biggest heart. We can't thank him enough for everything he did for the thousands of lives he touched. He will be truly missed. 

B2002 Surf Summer Classic Finalists

Congratulations B2002 for a great showing at a very competitive tournament!

Summer Cup Champions

Our B2002 netted yet another Championship at the Simi Valley Summer Cup! Well done gentlemen!

G2005 Summer Cup Champions

Congratulations to our G2005 team for their hard fought down to PK's Championship win! So proud of you girls!

FC Premiere Champions

Congratulations to our B2002 team for another successful tournament.

VCU takes on Oregon and the PCU Summer Classic

B01/02 and B03 teams Champions in the PCU Summer Classic

VCU had a  great trip to Oregon with our B01/02, B03 and G02 teams visiting the University of Oregon and Oregon State. 


PCU Summer Classic Champs

Boys 2004 Eagles Tournament Champs!

Congratulations to our Boys 2004 team for winning the Eagles tournament this weekend. Great job boys! Looking forward to all your continued success!

VCU Sweeps Nevada Memorial Cup

Congratulations to our B2001, B2002 and B2003 teams for their excellent results this weekend in the Nevada Memorial Cup. 3 teams, 3 champions!


B2001 Tournament MVP: Jared

B2002 Tournament MVP: Estee

B2003 Tournament MVP: Nick

VCU Spring Cup Tournament Champioms

Congratulations to our B2001 team for wining our VCU Spring Cup in an intense final and PK shootout. Great job gentlemen. 

Tournament MVP: Jared


CaliCrown Classic Tournament Champs

B2003 CalCrown Classic tournament champs with 26 goals for and 0 against. Congrats gentlemen!

          Tournament MVP: Myles Mustard


Boys 2003 Copa Cobana Beach Champs

Congratulations to our B2003 for a very intense final and victory!

     Tournament MVP's: Edgar and Jonny


Boys 2002 Round of 16

Congratulations to our Boys 2002 team for making it to the round of 16 in State Cup this past weekend. It is a great accomplishment for playing short and without key players in their respective positions. We are very proud of you and thank you for representing our club so well. 

Eagles 2017 Spring Classic Finalists

March 18-19, 2017

Boys 2002 Finalists

     Tournament MVP: Ivan Aries

Eagles 2017 Spring Classic Finalists

March 18-19, 2017

Boys 2003 Finalists

     Tournament MVP: Shane Platt


Cerritos Great State Soccer Tournament

March 5, 2017

B2002 Tournament Finalists

Tournament MVP: Ivan Aries