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VCU Summer League


•   Licensed Coaches •   $100 per Player (includes jersey)
•   Small sided games •    6 Week Session
•   Academy Style Soccer •    Ages: 5-16




Practice: Fridays at Rancho Simi Park (Duck Park) - 1765 Royal Avenue



Games:  Saturdays at Rancho Santa Susana - 5005 Los Angeles Ave


Dates:   May 25th - July 7th   


              First practice: May 25th

              First games: June 2nd   



We will have a BBQ and give out awards on the last day, July 7th.



Register: Monday-Thursday starting May 7th at Rancho Simi Park





Summer League Philosophy

The "small-sided" game is a developmental approach to the game of soccer. There are no standings kept and there are no winners or losers in these games. These games are played in an "academy" style format where each week players are placed on different teams with their peers. Players are broken down into groups of 6 or 8 players per team with players there same age group. This approach to the game insures that players think and react differently to adapt their own game each week when playing with different players. The academy style system helps each and every player to play outside their own comfort level to help them grow as a better balanced player. With small sided games comes more touch on the ball since there are fewer players on the field. This helps players develop and grow as a player. Along with fewer players, the field itself is smaller. This helps the players stay more engaged in the game and helps the game play at a faster pace. With this, players find themselves reacting quicker and playing at a fast tempo. These games have proven to force players to play quick passes as well as giving them more chances to score. (More excitement) Individual technical development is the key to these games. We want our young players to touch the ball more often, they become more skillful and confident in their abilities when playing small-sided academy style soccer games.